We started thinking and praying about adoption at the end of 2011-beginning of 2012. Right around that time we found out that we could be possibly heading to Germany for a few years with Andy's job. We both decided that we wanted to look into and pursue a domestic US adoption even though the whole "moving to a new country" would probably make it a little more challenging. We started some of the paperwork before we left the US and now we will be seeing where we end up with this journey now that we are doing the rest from Germany. 

Here's our timeline/blogposts so far:

February 2012 
  • Inital paperwork, research, signing on - decided to work with a consultant who will help us work with multiple agencies, lawyers, etc.
March 2012
April 2012
  • First blog post about adoption (after we had gotten a chance to tell our family and friends)
May & June 2012
  • Moved to Germany....adoption things temporarily on hold while things are crazy and we are moving to a new country and getting settled.....
July 2012
  • Our furniture and household goods arrived! Got unpacked and finally started to feel at home.
  • Since we now have furniture....we contacted a social work agency here in Germany to schedule a home study visit.
  • Completed a long home study questionnaire and some remaining paperwork 
August 2012
  • Home study visit
September 2012
  • Completed required adoption/parenting training
  • Waiting on clearances to complete home study
  • Finished adoption profile book and more paperwork
October 2012

  • We were so close to having our home study completed being officially listed....but then Andy was laid off from his job in Germany. We had to leave Germany and move back to the States. Adoption plans are on hold until we get relocated and settled again in a new home and with new job/s.  
January 2013
  • We have moved back to NC and are in a new home - Abi has a job, but we are still praying for a good job for Andy so that we can do a new home study and get started with adoption plans again.
September 2015
  • After a much longer break than anticipated....we are starting up to move forward with adoption again. We have to re-do pretty much everything but are excited to be finally moving forward with things again. 
  • We bought a house! We decided that we wanted to do a home study in a house that we owned, not the rental we had been living this pushed our house search into high gear and we found a home we love and where we can easily picture raising a family. 

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