Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Introducing Casa De Adams

It's hard to believe that we have been in the Greensboro area for three years. Other than me not being able to find a job, our time here has been great. We visited this area often when we lived in Southern Pines and Fayetteville (both are a few hours south of Greensboro) and we always liked the area and talked about moving here someday since it seemed to be a good fit for both of us. It's big city enough for Abi with all the shopping and culture, but has a small town feel that I appreciate. We like that we are close to my Mom, my Dad and Stepmom, and siblings, while not being too bad of a drive to Baltimore to visit Abi's family and friends.

Our arrival here just happened a lot sooner than we expected. We were blessed to find a townhouse here to rent from the absolute best landlord. It was so much easier to have my hip replaced when all of my family lived 30 minutes away compared to when I had my accident and the nearest family was 2+ hours away. Life has been great. We have enjoyed having many visitors, as the Triad has been a great stopping point for everyone to pass through on the way south to places like Charleston and Florida.

Last month we shared that we had put an offer to buy our first house. That offer was accepted and we completed the due diligence period where the house checked out ok. Our loan process was quick and easy and we are now getting to start living the American Dream of home ownership. Last Friday we closed on our new house.

Introducing Casa De Adams. Abi has always wanted an older home with character. This place certainly fits the bill. It was built in 1968 between the community of Jamestown and Greensboro in unincorporated Guilford County. We are close to everything but just far enough to be peaceful with the luxury of living on a well and paying county taxes. Abi's super creative, and after watching way too much HGTV, she will finally get to leave a mark on her own home. We are looking forward to painting and have already started. Our dog, Maggie, will get her own yard again - which she loved when we rented a house with a yard in Fayetteville, NC. Casa De Adams is on an eighth of an acre of land and most of the back yard is fenced. We are planning to install about 30 feet of fencing to get it fully fenced and then Maggie will have over half an acre of land to explore and run laps with all the neighboring dogs on either side. It also means that I reluctantly get to maintain it (for our Baltimore friends, this means that I had to buy a riding lawn mower because Abi won't let me buy a flock of goats). If I learned anything from my late Grandmother, it was to be very particular about a yard. I never had the time in Fayetteville to do much with the rental house lawn - but now I have my chance. I was lucky enough to find a good used John Deere lawn tractor which is all I really cared about in the home buying process. I was just disappointed that I didn't get a John Deere hat since I bought mine used. Just as important, Abi is reluctantly allowing me to wear my infamous, overalls with certain conditions like never being caught in public with them.

We happy to finally have some forward motion in our lives and with the house and my school going on, things are finally looking up. We might even start posting on here a little more again - now we have some new things to share!

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