Thursday, February 20, 2014

what was January....

January was a's a few belated iPhone photos...

We were sick for the first week of the month. 

We finally got better and then we celebrated Andy's birthday. We went to see a movie - which we don't do too often. We had a good time even though Andy's pick of movie wasn't great (even he agreed!). We had dinner with his parents one night to celebrate too. And then on his actual birthday, he went over to his brother-in-law's to watch a football game. I made a banana pudding cake that was really good - but was not happy when I got the wrong pudding at the store and had to go back to get another one (they look so similar and were mixed on the same shelf....Jell-O needs to put a lemon or banana on them or something). I also did a quick online watercolor class that I enjoyed. I knew how to watercolor - but it was nice to review some techniques and have a few "assignments" to do to get myself back into it. I haven't used watercolors in years!

For the last few weeks of January, I had to take a 9 day work trip out to Las Vegas for our industry market. I was running our company's sales app, among other things. I had never been out to Vegas before. Wasn't that impressed. But I didn't get to see much, since I was crazy busy working. We worked long days and then were pretty much ready to crash.

We stayed downtown, in the older part of Vegas and we went out to a few fun restaurants. One night I went to the strip with a co-worker and we ate at  Mon Ami in Paris. Have I mentioned that I miss Paris - the real one? The weather was nice and we were able to sit outside and watch the fountains at the Bellagio across the street. I didn't like smelling like smoke all the time just walking to my hotel room or the craziness of the casinos. And I like my money too much to gamble. And I was just exhausted most of the time. Maybe sometime it would be fun to go back and see a little more of the sights and go out to Red Rock or the Grand Canyon. I was happy that I missed North Carolina's snow while I was gone.

And that was January.

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