Friday, January 10, 2014

one little word...2014

My word for 2014.

I didn't forget about a word for the year. No words stuck out or came to me very quickly this year and also my brain was a little foggy when sick all last week. As I've done in previous years, I am picking a single word that somewhat sums up what I want for myself out of 2014 - a word to focus on instead of a resolution. And the definitions I use are my compilation of various definitions of the word - basically the definitions that I like best (so you won't see the exact definition like I have it listed on

In the Bible, the Hebrew word, translated "blessed" is v'ibarak, which is more appropriately translated "He will bless" or "He is blessing", actually suggests an ongoing, continual and future blessing, rather than a past blessing. Also we see the Greek word, translated "blessed" as makarios, which means happy, and properly, when God extends His benefits (the advantages He confers); blessed. It also describes a believer in enviable ("fortunate") position from receiving God's provisions (favor) – which (literally) extend ("make long, large") His grace (benefits). This happens with receiving (obeying) the Lord's inbirthings of faith. Hence, faith and blessed are closely associated. (Strong's Concordance)

Previous years words:

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