Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the past month...

Andy hasn't kept up with the blog at all for the last month, but here is what we have been up to....
  • Andy is still doing good after the hip replacement. He has a lot of work to do in physical therapy still (when they did his evaluation when he was able to start outpatient PT they said that he would need double the PT time that most people do after hip replacement since his leg/hip was so bad before the surgery for so long), but he is walking around mostly unaided (sometimes uses a cane).
  • We were thankful to have my dad come down right after the surgery and help out and stay with Andy while I went to work. We had a good visit with him.
  • We made it out to the lake a few weeks ago - just hung out and relaxed with Andy's family.
  • Andy's mother and grandmother came up to visit and help out his sister with her new classroom and we had a good time visiting with them and going out to dinner.
  • My parents and youngest brother came and stayed overnight on their way down to SC to drop him off at college. Can't believe my baby brother is a freshman! We are very proud of him - he got a Marine ROTC scholarship to the Citadel and he is going to do great there. We're also looking forward to visiting him and Charleston several times in the next four years while he is there.
  • My parents stayed a week down in SC and then came back through and stayed with us again - Andy and my dad went to a minor league baseball game and Mom and I went to dinner and some shopping. 
  • My good friend Erin (from Baltimore) came to visit for the weekend a few weeks ago. We enjoyed just hanging out and did a little exploring of the area - even though it was raining. 
  • My job is the's been pretty slow, so I have even been able to catch up on some reading in between helping customers. I have been enjoying the public library here and reading several books a week. 
  • I am finishing up a 4 week online class on a computer program that I have been wanting to learn how to use better for a long time - Adobe Illustrator. It has been a great class and I have learned a lot - really enjoying all the things I can do now, graphic design-wise. I am thinking about trying to design and sell a few prints/note cards. Anyone interested? Have ideas for me?
  • I had been meaning to do a new blog header for a while - finally got around to it as part of some homework for the class I was taking. Click over and check it out!
  • Andy was cleared to start driving again last week!!! So happy about that!
All that and very few photos of any of it.
Here is one of us that was within a week of when Andy
got home from the hospital. He looks a lot less loopy now!

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