Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Another Boring Week in Paradise...

Sorry for being negligent for not updating the blog sooner but we have been catching up with the shows the DVR. I think we watch more tv together now that we can record 4-5 shows at one time than before getting it. DirectTV's Whole Home DVR is soo worth the extra couple of dollars a month...

As promised last week was very boring. At this stage of life we can't complain. My tendon is starting to actually feel a little better but not much for the first time since this ordeal began in April. It's very frustrating. I certainly feel like we made the right decision to postpone the hip replacement from June to July. Unless something major happens the hip replacement will take place come hell or high water in July!

As promised here's the update with the usual ton of pictures of Maggie since Abi won't let me post that many pictures of her...

Wednesday was the first of many Physical Therapy (PT) appointments for the tendonitis. It was painful as I expected. My messed up hip certainly makes it interesting when it won't allow me to reach my feet or do a ton of things that they want me to do.

The only thing I don't get with every PT session on my initial hip and now is how twenty five percent of it gets devoted to icing everything down. Each session costs a ton of money and its something I can do just fine at home. Oh well I am not the medical professional on this one.

Thursday morning Abi slept in because she didn't have to be to work until 1pm. I got up and drove myself to the Dr for a physical. About 9:30am Maggie thought it was time for Abi to get up. Maggie conveniently sat at the door and made it clear that Abi's alarm clock was broke. Maggie never does this! 

As usual Abi got the last laugh with Maggie attempting to wake her up. Abi stayed in bed for at least another hour. Maggie gave up and took a nap in the recliner. 

Friday Abi took the day off so that we could go to an appointment and run some errands. After the appointment we decided to have lunch and get a couple of things from Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem. It is a great mall! I will put it up against any mall anywhere. However, I have a major gripe with it after our adventure. Simply put. Its not user friendly for those that can barely walk. We parked at the Food Court expecting to be able to rent a wheelchair near that entrance since I can barely walk. There were no markings anywhere to be found or even on the Mall's website on where to rent one. We finally found a security guard who pointed us to the other end of the mall. Poor Abi had to walk the entire mall to get one. There clearly needs to be some kind of markings on where to rent one. It might even be smart of them to post a sign in the parking lot at which entrance the information desk is at. If I had been myself I would been in deep trouble. 

Friday night Abi decided to be creative for dinner. Her creativity lead to making scratch made biscuits and gravy. It was great! 

When I finally get better I am deep trouble because Abi is clearly better at grilling than I am as evidence by her wonderful masterpiece Saturday night. Abi has always been able to cook. I think she's even better with the grill...

 Stacy my sister the Occupational Therapist had me get a "Hip Replacement Kit" to get me ready for my replacement. I am told this will make my life easier for the hip replacement because I won't be able to reach too far. I wish I had gotten the grabber sooner because it makes my life easier...

Maggie is helping me get practice in using the grabber. 

Typical Maggie always thinking the world revolves around her. Abi invited her on the couch thinking that she would just lay down on the couch. Maggie then proceeded to get on the laptop and make her presence known.  

Have a great week!

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