Friday, June 14, 2013

instagram Friday...

I decided to actually try and get a quick post in this morning....this is Abi by the way....since my husband has taken over the blog - I feel like I am guest posting or something. He has been doing a great job and I just have been too busy and feel too exhausted every day when I am working so late. I am just tired all the time it seems like - physically and emotionally drained. Dealing with being the only one working and taking care of everything since Andy can't do a whole lot around the house and driving him everywhere is taking it's toll. And we have weeks and weeks more to go since he isn't having the surgery now until July and then all the recovery time after that. Relief for both of us seems a long way off. 

But iphone pics for a change....

  1. My exciting/happy thought recently was getting to go to Boston to visit my brother and sister-in-law and meet my nephew for the first time. I figured since he was turning a year old it was high time to meet him. 
  2. My brother and nephew
  3. Me and my adorable nephew

  1. Peter's funny face - that he does on command when you ask him "where's your funny face?" He is such a fun kid!
  2. We walked around downtown Boston and had a great time and good weather.
  3. Best cannoli's I've had in a long time from Mike's Pastry in Boston

  1. Another happy thought was deciding last minute to run up to Baltimore for Memorial day weekend. I had a great time visiting with my family and these good friends.
  2. Hanging out with my good friend's baby - she is getting so big! I did her newborn photos when I was up in Baltimore last time in Nov.
  3. And then last weekend I decided to get a haircut - this is the shortest it's been in a while! It is now  right at my shoulders and you can see from these last two photos the difference - a good 4-5 inches cut off. I like it but am still getting used to it since I had it longer for the last few years. 
And thats about it - for my favorite instagrams from the past few weeks. And I am still alive - just haven't blogged in a long time. Maybe I'll get back into it sometime soon here - but Andy says he will keep everyone updated if I don't - haha!

So happy that it's Friday!

life rearranged

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