Thursday, May 16, 2013

Abi Fired From the Blogging...

Abi's momma this week told Abi that it was time for another update from me since Abi hasn't done as good of job of posting updates... So here's my update...

As mentioned earlier I was put on crutches and told not to put weight on my right ankle due to Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. The past couple of weeks have made me completely worthless other than for keeping the recliner warm. There is so much that I can not do that Abi has stepped up to the plate and has been AWESOME. You don't realize how much you miss when you can't carry anything. I can barely let the dog out on our back porch. It was all I could do to try and put the dog on a tether in our front yard one time. I would like to think that I am a better patient because I've quit worrying about the stuff I can't control and have been better about being more flexible.

Prior to me being put on crutches Abi had bought a plane ticket to Boston to visit her brother Patrick and Sister in Law Jen to celebrate their son Peter's first birthday. After two weeks of me being on crutches Abi was ready to get rid of me for a couple of days which I don't blame her. Her United Airlines flights out of Greensboro & High Point, NC's Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI) were good and cheap. She flew out of PTI for the first time and was impressed how convenient it was. All told it was a great trip to Boston.  

While Abi was in Boston on Friday night Maggie the Terrorist and I had to fend for myself. I ordered a Pizza from Papa Johns Pizza. When the driver came by somehow Maggie got between me and the driver and escaped out the front door. The Driver did a great job at getting her back into the house. I even sent an e-mail to his boss thanking him! Saturday and Sunday Maggie and I were babysat by my Parents who live in Oak Ridge, NC about 15 miles from where we live. We can not thank them enough because Maggie was a complete pest the entire weekend. She lived up to her name Maggie the Terrorist! I just hope she did not get permanently banned from their house.

During the week we realized that our Volvo XC90 doesn't like not being driven when we woke up to the car alarm going off. According to Google the alarm goes off when the battery is weak from not being driven. We had only not driven it for a week and somehow managed to kill the battery. Go figure! Once again my parents are bailing us out by loaning a battery charger. Luckily our Ford Focus is running like a champ.

Last weekend Abi cleaned up our back porch area which looks great and even planted a small garden. About the only thing I could do was work on my suntan. We then spent Mother's Day at Blews Lake with my family having a Low Country Boil.

Yesterday we went back to my Podiatrist who removed my cast and put me in a boot. I was told to stay on crutches for at least two more weeks. My ankle is still very sore and is not feeling much better than a couple of weeks ago. We were told that in two weeks he would make the decision about clearing me for my mid June 2013 Hip Replacement. As much as we are ready to get the Hip Replacement done we know that we have to get my ankle better first. Unfortunately this may come at the expense of delaying the Hip Replacement. We will keep everyone updated on when I will have the Hip Replacement.

I am also working on a series of posts where I discuss my accident and Hip Replacement in my words since Abi was the one who blogged about the accident at the time. We also know that there aren't that many folks in their 30's going through Hip Replacements and look forward to sharing our experiences. I have not found much information online about people in their 30's having this type of surgery since 60 is considered young for a Hip Replacement.


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