Friday, April 05, 2013

friday photos....

Still been up to not a whole lot....just working and more working. I am getting over being sick and another ear infection. And I am very ready for warmer weather!

Here are a few Friday instagrams from the past week or two.....

  1. Loved the blooming trees outside my office....happy to finally start seeing spring! (but unfortunately since this time, we have had more cold and rain so most of the blooms are gone)
  2. Rita's - I was sick on the first day of spring so we went a few days later for a Rita's date night
  3. Cut my bangs....a little too short, but luckily they grow fast and aren't too bad
  4. Husband got up and went to get us breakfast - Chick-fil-a for me and McDs for him
  5. Pretty Easter flowers
  6. We were so happy to have Andy's mother and grandmother stay with us over Easter weekend
  7. I found a fun basket/wall hanging thing at HomeGoods - but it was a little banged up with a few chipped off pieces. I asked if I could get it at a lower price due to the marks and they knocked down the already clearance price of $25 down to $18.  I was happy and just painted up the chips with brown paint when I got home. 
  8. It was a great price and a nice size for the wall above the fireplace
  9. Made some homemade blueberry muffins with blueberries from the Farmer's Market - delicious!
Happy Friday!
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