Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Week Into Using Crutches

Friday I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon to figure out where we go with the Total Hip Replacement. We are thinking that it will be taking place during the middle of June 2013. All of the paper work needs to get lined up to make it happen. Also I have to get my Posterior Tibia Tendonitis in my ankle under control.  I will be sharing a lot more in upcoming posts about the whole Hip Replacement stuff...

It's been a week since I left the Podiatrist's Office with a cast and crutches. I still have at least two more weeks to go. The cast certainly aint cool but its the crutches that really are miserable because I can't carry anything and limits my already inability to move around even more. I also can't drive because my bad leg is the leg that I drive.

I thought I would share some of the pro's and con's to me being on crutches from my perspective...

Abi never has to worry about me sneaking out to Bojangles for lunch.
I get to wear my Mechanixwear Gloves around the house and Abi can't say a thing.
I only have to worry about wearing one shoe.
Maggie doesn't hang around my feet because she can't stand my crutches.
Abi can't complain about the kitchen being messy since I can't cook.
Abi has a color to match her wardrobe to...

I am a bad patient. Granted I am not as bad as I was following the accident.
I can't do chores around the house.
Abi has to work twice as hard.
Taking a shower is worrisome due to being afraid of getting the cast wet and putting weight on the leg.
I have to put up with whatever Abi wants to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
No free hands to carry sweet tea.
Always having to have my cell phone on me because Abi is afraid of me falling.
Having to use the Electric Scooter at any of the big box stores that we shop at.
Walking the dog is a whole new challenge.

Life is certainly challenging right now but we know that it can't get much worse and the Hip Replacement recovery will be a walk in the park compared to the current situation...

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