Thursday, April 25, 2013

a post from Andy...

{Andy decided that I haven't been blogging enough - so he took over and posted today}

Abi is flat out awesome. Since we got married on September 1st, 2008, I have said my prayers every morning thanking God for her. I can't say enough about her. Even after my car accident in Nov 2009 she has never given up and always been there for me.

I have almost always had pain in the hip and walked with a limp since the accident. It's gotten progressively worse and I finally am tired of being in pain. After talking with an Orthopedic Surgeon a couple of weeks ago, I found out what was going on with my hip. The main injury of my car accident was a bad fracture of the femoral head (the top of the femor, right below where it goes into the hip socket). At the time the surgeon put rods in the bone to try and save me from needing a hip replacement at such a young age. That surgery worked for a while, but now we found out that due to that severe injury and it never healing fully, the blood supply to the femoral head has stopped and that part of the bone is basically dead. So we have made the decision to go ahead and have a hip replacement.This thing has held us back and its time to start living again and so we are going to make it happen. At the age of 30 there just isn't that much information about folks my age going through hip replacements and will be looking forward to sharing what this new adventure is about. 

If that wasn't enough. My ankle started hurting out of the clear blue a couple of weeks ago. So I made the decision to to visit a Podiatrist on Monday to make sure everything was fine and to prevent there from being any issues before doing the hip replacement... 

I left the office with this... My limp caused by my broken hip and my leg now being an inch shorter than my other leg has finally worn my ankle out - causing Stage One Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. Luckily I caught it early and after some rest and good insoles the hip replacement should cure everything. The cast is a pain in the neck, but its the crutches and not being able to bear weight that is the hardest part. There isn't a thing I can do on my own it seems like. Leaving Abi to have more pressure to get things done on top of working long days. However, we are blessed this go around to be living so close to my family to help out and kick my rear end if needed. I promise I am being a good patient but it is really tough having to ask for help.

This should be an interesting couple of weeks...

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