Friday, March 15, 2013

dear friday.....

Dear Friday,

I am so ready for the weekend....and I am so not ready for a long day of work today (with an hour of mandatory overtime). I am thankful that I had a nice morning to myself yesterday before I went in to work. It was my late day and Andy had some possible job stuff that he was out checking out (yay! please keep him in your prayers - it is getting very hard on both of us for him to still be out of work). I loved having a morning at home alone to slowly get up, get some things done, and just enjoy a quiet house - I have not had hardly any time at home alone for the last few months. This morning was not so great though, since we have some car issues to deal with and I have to go in to work earlier. I did however, decide to get on the ball and post a few instagram photos from the past few weeks and attempt to post here every now and then. 
  1. Husband had this nice, cozy fire ready for me when I got home from work recently. Fun to have a fireplace again!
  2. Love this wine! Found it at a local wine store around here and it is very similar to an Italian wine that I loved in Europe (and can't find here).
  3. Got a hair cut a few weeks ago - it's still long but we did cut about 4-5 inches off so it feels a lot shorter!

  1. Fun sparkly nails - painted them last weekend and they actually lasted all week!
  2. Bored at the asthma doctor's office this week so was playing around with phone photo app. Glad to finally have a good doctor who is getting my asthma under control. I am on meds all the time now which I don't love, but I didn't realize how bad I had been doing.....probably should have been on these meds for the last few years.
  3. Was sad to hear the news this week about Google Reader going away in July.....and I quickly started looking for a new blog/feed reader. I was happy to find out about Feedly. After only using it for a few days, I love it! Beautiful design and and very user-friendly - and its easy to just open up and start reading everything you already have in Google reader. Check it out - here is another blogger's post with some helpful instructions about changing over.

Happy Friday!
life rearranged


  1. thanks for the info about Feedly...was trying to figure out Blog Lovin'!

  2. Thank you for the feedly link, I hadn't heard about google reader going away!