Monday, February 25, 2013

hello monday....and blog....'s been a while.

We are enjoying our new place and getting used to living in the Triad. I am learning my way around and Andy is remembering all of his favorite spots. We have found a church that we both really like and have been attending for the past few weeks. It is a big, community oriented church that has a traditional, contemporary and blended (mix of both traditional and contemporary worship styles) services. We have been going to the blended service but will probably check out the other services at some point.

I am busy working. Finally actually doing my job after a long 9 weeks of training. It's going ok and I am trying to adjust to the weird hours. I just don't end up doing much when I get home at night....and then I try to catch up on everything I didn't do all week on the weekend. But oh well.

Other things to catch up on....we enjoyed the Ravens superbowl victory and had a good time watching the game with Andy's sister, brother-in-law, and cute nephew. We are enjoying living near his family, and recently had Andy's parents over for dinner. We have had a few days of snow, but nothing too bad. Also thankful to be living in the south again and glad we are not dealing with Germany snow! The little bit of snow didn't stop Andy from grilling one evening recently....

This week we don't have too much planned. Just work for me and job searching for husband. Might try and do a few small sewing projects. I am so not ready for a 10 hour workday today....but better get going....have a good day...

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