Friday, January 04, 2013

thank you from Andy...

Today is the day that the movers come to move our stuff from Germany into the townhouse that we are renting in NC. After spending the past ten weeks in transition, we finally have a place to start making a new home. 

We need to thank a lot of folks who have helped us...

Abi’s Mom - For driving from Baltimore to Newark, NJ to pick us up from the airport. It was the only option we had to fly into and it was awesome to be welcomed back and picked up by someone so after we were tired from traveling all day (with a dog that broke free from her in crate several times on the airplane and we ended up having to hold her in the whole flight).

Abi’s brother Andrew - For loaning his car to us so that we get around until we could find a good used car to buy.

Abi’s Dad - Abi’s parents are not too into dogs and for the couple of weeks that we were in Baltimore they opened up their home to both us and our dog, Maggie. He also let me tag along to a Baltimore Ravens game and see how crazy the people in Baltimore are about their Ravens. (Thanks also to Abi's sister Emily, who let me have her ticket!)

Andy’s Parents - They have let us stay since mid-November in their guest room while we were waiting for our furniture and looking for a new place to live. Words can’t describe our appreciation for this!

Andy’s Dad - When our main car come off the boat in Charleston, SC we needed someone to drive down and help us get it. He took a day off and drove a ten hour day so that we could get our main car back.

Everyone - For their encouragement and support! We could not be where we are today if it wasn’t for you. The only thing that we now need is for me (Andy) to get a job!

We look forward to sharing pictures of our new place in the next couple of weeks as our crazy adventure continues!

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