Monday, January 14, 2013

party time....

Yesterday we had a good time with Andy's family at our new place. We had everyone over to celebrate Andy's birthday and show them our new place. It was good motivation to get unpack and somewhat set up in a week (we moved in last weekend) and not have boxes everywhere for too long. 
We had a good time visiting with everyone. 

Our nephew and niece came over too - they were enjoying some of our taco/nacho meal.
I was going for easy since I had been busy unpacking most of the weekend.

And our dog, Maggie, got to visit a little bit - but we put her out on our gated patio for part of the time so it wasn't as chaotic. It was great that it was such a nice day today (in the 70s).

Andy wanted cheesecake for dessert and our nephew helped me put on candles and sing.
Andy's sister snapped this pic right after Andy blew out the candles.
And we only put on 3 candles - to make it a little easier on him (rather than the 30 he should have had).

It was a fun time with family - so nice to live close to them and be able to have them over to our new house. Andy said he had a great time and a good birthday (especially after the Ravens amazing win on Saturday!).

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