Tuesday, January 15, 2013

our new home....

So we moved into our new place the first week of Jan. 2013.....and here it is....
We moved into a little one-story, 3 bedroom townhouse.

It is working out to be perfect for us.
It is really close to my job and very centrally located in the Triad for wherever Andy will find a job.

We worked like crazy to get unpacked quickly....wanted to feel settled and not coming home to boxes for weeks. I still have a few more boxes to go through and some organizing and some more decorating. But it's getting there. So here is a quick photo tour of how everything looks now.

Front door and desk that I am using for the entryway 

The red desk is there mostly because I don't have anywhere else to put it...it's like a puzzle trying to find places for all the furniture/things we got for previous places. I still need to work on the decor here and figure out what I want to put on the wall.

Hallway to the right
leads to the guest (full) bathroom,
the laundry room, and the guest bedroom

This is not a big room - but works out pretty well for a guest bedroom. The projects I have for this room are a diy or repainted old headboard possibly, and/or something for the wall above the bed, also need to paint the chest at the end of the bed. I started painting it before we left for Germany...then decided to wait until we moved to finish it...but still haven't done anything with it. Definitely have some plans for this in the near future.

Across from the hallway, to the left of the front door is the bedroom that we are currently using for an office. I have a lot of art, craft, photography, sewing, and computer related things stashed in here...and I need to go through and weed some of that down I think. Still have a few boxes in this room to work on, and a lot of artwork to hang or store sitting over there on the floor.

When you walk into the house, straight ahead is the living room. It is a pretty big, long space. I was worried about how our sectional-type couch would fit, but to my surprise, it works our pretty well. We really like this room a lot - it is big and open and has great vaulted ceilings. The mantle will be fun to change up and decorate. I need to figure out what to put on the two walls you don't see from this view and I have plans to paint the buffet that is behind the couch. I was a few days from starting that project before we found out that we were going to be moving back to the US - I have the paint and everything already, so that is going to be happening. Oh and all of the walls except for the two red accent walls are a nice, neutral beige color (even though in some of these photos it looks a little warmer/more yellow).

To the right of the living room is our bedroom. 
It's bigger than I first thought and seems to be about the size of our bedroom in our previous rental here in the states before we left for Germany. All of the furniture we had fits well in it. I decided to hang my scarves and jewelry. The jewelry is hung on a cool antique frame that I found a year or so ago somewhere - I painted it a few months ago and didn't know exactly what I was going to use it for...just really liked it. I unpacked it this week and realized that it would be perfect for all my necklaces. Still thinking about making or repurposing some kind of headboard and something to go on the wall above the bed. We have an awesome master bath! We have never had a bathroom this big before and are loving the double sinks, big tub, and separate shower.

The kitchen is a nice bright open space with a beautiful tiled floor. It is smaller than our last kitchen in the states, but is still really nice with plenty of counter space. The oven and fridge are nice and new....and we have a working dishwasher! Very excited about that since our last place in NC didn't have a dishwasher and in Germany we had one, but not a very effective one so we didn't use it all the time. The kitchen has an eat-in dining room area.

I was worried about our table fitting in this space but it also works much better than expected. We can pull it away from the wall and use the other two chairs, but for just the two of us, we decided that this setup gives us a more room.

And our back door. 
Leading out to a little enclosed patio. Photos of the patio coming soon. We need to do a little "yard" work out there...take down some dead plants and put in a little mulch. And we are waiting on our last shipment of items that we kept in storage here in the states - it includes our washer and dryer and grill and a little outside table and chair set.


  1. Your place looks very cute!!

  2. yay! so excited for you! it's very very cute.