Thursday, December 20, 2012

December things...

Can't believe it's almost Christmas.....pretty crazy how fast the month of December has gone by. We are doing good and we have been busy getting used to North Carolina and settling into so new routines. Here is what has been going on with us lately....

We had a nice Thanksgiving with Andy's family. I started my new job the week of Thanksgiving, but have been in a long training class to learn all about mortgages to be able to help customers. I am finally getting to start on the job training for a few weeks (starting next week) and then will be out of training and actually doing my job in January. It's not been too bad - a little boring at times during the training, but learning lots of new info and now know a lot more about mortgages. The schedule is a little weird, I get to sleep in a little, but don't get off until 7pm which isn't going to change for a while. So we are adjusting to eating later and not having as much time in the evenings to do things. Andy is still looking for a new job, but he is enjoying being near his family and back in his old neighborhood. We both colds and I got a sinus infection in there too...but couldn't miss any work at this point so just had to deal with it. Glad to be feeling better finally!

{Andy, his sister and their Dad}

We found out that our car made it back from Germany in the beginning of December, so Andy and his Dad went down to Charleston and picked it up. We really appreciated his dad helping us out since I couldn't get off work to go down with Andy. And it's nice to have two cars again! Andy doesn't have to drive me to work all the time now. Then a week later, we found out that our shipment of furniture also arrived. We were able to leave it in military (free!) storage for a short time - but that meant we had to start looking for a new place to live so we have somewhere to get it delivered. We looked at a lot of apartments and rentals in the area, but finally found a great townhouse to rent just this past weekend. We filled out all the paperwork and signed the paperwork and we will be moving in soon! We both really liked this rental the minute we saw it - we think that it will be a really good place for us, will fit all of our furniture and everything, and it's super close to where I work. We will still be close to all of Andy's family too which is nice. We were so thankful that we could stay with Andy's dad and stepmother while we were waiting on our furniture, but it will be nice to be able give them back their guest bedroom and be in our own home. 

{Me, my new nephew, and my sister-in-law}

Last Sunday, we celebrated Christmas early with Andy's family. They always do their celebrations early to make sure everyone can be there and still get time with other family if needed. We had a great day, with good food and fun with everyone. We did gifts for the kids and then did the gift exchange game (Yankee Trader/Dirty Santa/whatever you call it!) for the adults which was fun. We managed to get the annual family photo in quickly in between rainy periods of the day - I set the camera up on the tripod and used my remote to get this one where everyone was looking at the camera and looked pretty good!

{Family Photo 2012}

Our actual Christmas will be really low key since I have to work Christmas eve and only get the actual Christmas day off. Andy and I will be on our own since everyone else pretty much is heading out of town. We will probably just relax and get ready to move in the beginning of January.

So that's what we have been up to lately.....looking forward to seeing what January and the new year bring....hoping that it will be a little less crazy than it has been lately for us!

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