Friday, September 14, 2012

friday catch-up post....

I have been forgetting to this is a random catch-up post.  I have been busy with youth group and women's Bible study. This week I was working on several design projects for the youth group - new brouchures, calendars, and all since we are trying to get the word out to all the new families. I have been busy with paperwork too - more stuff for adoption and some insurance stuff. We have good global coverage, but just found out that we have to pay for everything and then get reimbursed except for big things like hospital stays - that they pay directly. It's not too bad, just a pain filling it all out. Fun, fun. Thankful for good coverage though!

I also volunteered last Friday to help the Red Cross for the Baumholder Garrison Organizational day. I ended up getting to judge the horseshoe tournament. Which is really funny since I didn't know there were many rules to horseshoes. I got a copy of the rules and luckily, a soldier who knew more about how to judge was helping at my pit - so I got to just keep score. These people were intense about their horseshoe games! Anyways it was fun and a nice day to be outside.
The weather here are been a little crazy - last week it was pretty hot, now it is getting cool. Like 40s in the evening and 50s-60s during the day cool. I keep a lot of the windows open because it gets really stuffy inside if I don't. I didn't realize it was supposed to get so cold and we woke up freezing one night! Our dog, Maggie, isn't complaining yet. When I forget to close the guest bedroom door, I find her curled up on the bed, enjoying the sun and view from the window. 

And whenever it gets cold, I suddenly remember that I like to knit. I found a couple of patterns online I want to try and started knitting last night. I think I want to teach myself how to crochet this  year too - I have tried it a few times in the past, but never really got very far. I have heard it is quicker and there are a lot of things out there that just seem easier to crochet than knit.   Andy hasn't been feeling too well this week - maybe the weather or something is getting to him. Hoping he feels better soon!

I have been trying to get out more and shop "on the economy" - off base in Germany. It's a weird thing when you live on a military base and can just go grab stuff from the PX or commissary....they have the basics and it's cheaper for the most part and in US dollar so its easy. But the selection is very limited and when it runs out on base it takes at least 6 weeks to get back in stock (because things travel here on a boat I guess). So I've been trying to explore the German stores a little more often now. Last week we decided to get a better office chair since I have been doing a lot of design work and photo editing our desk. I searched online to find a store nearby. There really isn't anything like Office Depot or Office Max here that we've found. But I found this huge furniture/home goods store that was in the big town nearby (well relatively - we have to drive a ways for anything here - this store was about 45 min. away) called Mobel Martin.

It was a huge store with mostly furniture but some neat home goods and decorating things too. This is a phone pic I snapped from the second floor (it had three floors). It was fun to explore. The things there were a little more expensive than IKEA or Paco (another German store that I've found that I really like that is similar to IKEA) but some were pretty decent priced. I did end up finding a good office chair there and navigated paying for it and picking it up from another building around the corner even though there weren't a lot of people there that spoke English (and I still only know a very little bit of German).

I also did some grocery shopping at one of the grocery stores in town. I needed to get some laundry softener for our crazy German washing machine since the water is really hard here. I am not sure if I got the right stuff or not since they didn't have the same brand I found before and Google translate was not being helpful. It might be detergent. Need to figure that out I suppose. I ended up getting some more groceries there and tried a few new German things. And I found this:

a very cool glass nutella jar.
I think it's a special edition or something.
But it's big and fun and I do love Nutella!

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

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  1. My daughter love Nutella she would love that jar