Friday, September 28, 2012

cold september friday....

So my husband has been asking me when I'm going to blog again....that's pretty bad, right? I forget that he checks it regularly too. 

So what have we been up to? It's been cold here. Like 30s at night and need some sort of jacket during the day, kind of cold. Already. I am not really a fan. But oh well. Andy has been busy with work. The military base we live on is going through tons of change right now and his station is doing what they need to do to help out. I haven't been helping out as much with the Red Cross right now since they haven't needed me as much lately and I've been busier with the Chapel. I am still hanging out with the youth group on Tuesday nights and have started leading the middle school girls small group. Love that age group! The youth group is pretty small in general right now, so we are trying to promote it as new people move to this base. 

I've been busier lately with the women's Bible study at the Chapel (PWOC). I had been co-leading a Bible study since for the last month or so, but now, I just somehow got elected to be the Vice President of Spiritual Life for the group. It's all pretty random...but they elected leadership last spring of the women who were going to be there at least long enough to get the group going in the fall - because basically everyone on the base was leaving over the summer. So the few women who were staying knew they may not be staying all year, but were elected to lead the group for as long as they could before they had to move. The one who was elected President had to PCS (move) quite suddenly and a little earlier than expected last week and so the lady who was Vice President stepped up. She was who I was leading the Bible study with and she and the board decided to ask me if I wanted to fill in her previous role of Vice President. I am really enjoying our little group of women and learning a lot fast about the structure and things needed to do for the larger PWOC functions and things. Looking forward to finding Bible studies and devotionals for the rest of the year.  

Last weekend, Andy got to go out to dinner with a friend of his from NC who was over here in Germany briefly. Then on Saturday, we went to check out a town about an hour away from us, Saarbruken, that is close to the border of France. It's a bigger city with a lot to see and do...and a lot of good shopping! Here are a few instagram pics from last weekend....
  1. Walking into the outside shopping area....we had no idea where to go really....I had googled a few things, but once we got there it was very confusing. Andy did a great job driving and we finally just parked in a parking garage and were actually right in the middle of the downtown area where we wanted to be.
  2. I was so excited - there was even a TJ Maxx! I didn't get nearly enough time to look around in here with Andy tagging I'm planning to go back with another friend who likes to shop. There were some great prices there on real Italian leather purses and nice clothes.
  3. On the way home, I think, we saw a field of about 20 hot air balloons! I couldn't get a very good pic of them, but this is a few in the distance.
  4. There was a Starbucks in Saarbruken....the first actual Starbucks that I've had in Germany.
  5. And Andy was happy to see a Pizza we ended up doing that for dinner. 
  6. He was amused by the fact that the Pizza Hut was serving Coke (not Pepsi like in the States). And that's our drinks without ice of course. They just don't do ice here in Europe.
  7. Andy took a pic of me while we were waiting for our food. 
  8. Back at home on Sunday, we were having Breakfast (pancakes) for dinner....and Andy decided to try using his fryer to make funnel cakes with some leftover pancake batter.
  9. It didn't work. Next time he will have to try it with actual funnel cake batter.
I've got a few more blog posts I am working on - adoption updates (not too much to share yet, but I'll let you know what's going on...), some photography stuff, and about the community over here. Maybe I'll get to them soon!
Happy Friday!
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  1. Great shots! Stopping by from instafriday...that yummy food makes me hungry! :o)