Friday, September 07, 2012

anniversary trip...

We got married on Labor day 4 years ago and it is fun that our anniversary is now falling during the Labor day weekend. We were excited to be able to take advantage of the extra day off for Andy and take a trip. We had heard Belgium was nice and looking at several cities in Belgium to visit, we decided to go and spend 2 nights in Bruge, Belgium. 

Bruge is a beautiful city near the water with many canals that go throughout the city. Sometimes it is called the Venice of the North (it's probably not at all like Venice - we will have to go check it out and compare at some point). 

Bruge is a city that is great for walking or biking - not good to drive around. The streets are cobblestone and very narrow. So we parked our car for the weekend and walked around the city. Our hotel was a few blocks from one little area with several restaurants and little shops, then we had to walk 5 or so more blocks to the Market area which was the main part of town. This photo (above) is in the market area with the Cathedral and bell tower that you could climb (we didn't go up it). We also went to a chocolate museum on the way to the Market. Had to check out all the Belgium chocolate! We enjoyed trying some local food and of course some good Belgium beer. 

This was the canal view right outside our hotel.

Then we took a canal tour throughout the rest of the city.
The canal tour was fun - the tour guide gave the tour in 3 different languages - English, French, and Flemish.

Beautiful views and everyone was out enjoying the nice weather.

Inside our hotel room - it was small but not bad at all compared to what we have heard about at some European hotels. It was our first time doing a hotel in Europe and it was a pretty good choice since it was fairly close to everything and had a "lift".

Andy outside our hotel

Me by the canal

(and this pic is blurry because I quickly handed off my camera to someone and didn't put it on automatic for them - its hard to focus if you don't know how - so its sad that its not the best photo...but oh well)
We had a great trip and a nice anniversary in Belgium!

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