Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wednesday thoughts....

Just realized that I haven't posted in a little here are a few random Wednesday thoughts and a bit about what we've been up to.....

  • Someone is moving out above us and it's driving our dog, Maggie, crazy today with all the noises in the stairwell. There is also one of those crane things going out the 4th floor window carrying things down. We did get a new neighbor move in across from us and have been able to meet them a little. Fun to start seeing new people come in even though there are a lot of people leaving right now. 
  • It is still warm here - but feels more like fall than summer. We are enjoying the sunny day though - because people tell us that once the days get short and it's cold, we will really miss this time!
  • Andy has still been doing well with the Red Cross office he is working in here in Germany. Much slower pace during the day for him and he has surprised me several days by running home to pick something up or say hi when he is out doing errands or whatever. I forget that he a) has time to go do everything that he needs to do for work during the day now, and b) that we are so close to his work that it's not a big deal to run home at lunch if he needs to. Crazy!
  • I've been busy too...still doing some volunteering with the Red Cross - some weeks I do a lot, some weeks not too much. Just depends. Next week will be busy with a volunteer orientation, volunteer potluck, and a blood drive.
  • Still having fun volunteering with the chapel youth groups - and as school starts up they are starting to grow and may be changing a little to be more family and small group focused which is really cool. 
  • Had fun taking photos of my friends' family and new baby as a gift to them last week - baby is so cute, she has red hair! Finished up editing the photos and got them to them yesterday and was glad that they enjoyed them.
  • And I am getting involved with the chapel women's group - PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) which is an international military women's group. They have been doing low-key things all summer and the big kick-off is coming up in a few weeks. They asked me to help co-lead a bible study which I'm excited about. 
  • Finally feel like we are moving again with adoption stuff, got few big pieces coming up that we would love for people to be praying with us thankful for some good friends and family who have been a huge help lately with reference letters and everything - we really appreciate your support and love for our family.

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