Friday, August 03, 2012

instagram pics...

Love that I can forget about posting these until late in the day for me....and it's still pretty early for my friends back in the US. It's after dinner here and I'm actually getting ready to go to bed crazy early since we are getting up super early in the morning tomorrow and heading somewhere fun. I'll have some good posts and photos for you next week!

But for today, just a few phone pics from the week....
A story.....
  1. Andy has been talking about making potato sandwiches for years. He thinks they are the best things ever....and is convinced I will like them if I try them....even though they sound disgusting. So he decided to try and make some. It didn't work. Somewhere in the frying the potato step, he smoked out the house and had all the smoke alarms going and we were afraid the whole building alarm was going to go on and the fire truck was going to come....luckily it didn't. Just smoked our place. Andy had to give up on the potato sandwiches for the night.
  2. The next day he went out and somehow persuaded me that we needed a deep fryer - I have been resisting this since we got married - and still don't think it's a good idea at all....but we came home with it. And he finally made his potato sandwiches. All they are is potatoes, sliced, fried but not too crispy where they become chips - still a little soft - and mayo or miracle whip. They were....not as bad as I was expecting. I managed to eat half a sandwich. And don't think I ever need to try them again. But Andy loved it. And I was happy there wasn't smoke in the house that time.
  3. (just realized these are out of order) This is the pizza we had to order after the disaster smoke-filled night.

  1. We have lots of roundabouts here in Europe. This one was just fun - with an elephant in the middle.
  2. Testing a new paint on a frame I had gotten a while ago at an antique store. Going to paint something much bigger that color soon!
  3. A few days ago, Andy came in and said there was a really gorgeous rainbow outside. So I took our dog out for a quick walk to try and catch it....just saw the very end of it....and didn't really get much of it in this pic. But apparently it was a really good one!
Happy Friday!

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  1. That frame looks SO much better with your paint! I can't wait to see what else you'll be painting :)