Friday, August 31, 2012

friday morning chai....

Last week was super busy and this week has been a little busy....but not so bad. So this is a total catch up post with a lot of randomness that you may or may not be interested in.

mmm....chai it.
  • Last week we had our adoption home study. I plan to do a whole other post on the home study and the whole process it has been....I will post about everything hopefully in a week or two when we get our approval. But we think the visit itself went well and we are glad to have that part almost completed.
  • Last week all the kids here on the military base went back to school and we had our back to school BBQ for the youth groups (the German schools started a week or two before the military schools). The BBQ was also the kickoff for the year and the youth director is taking this opportunity while the base is changing so much to re-vamp the youth program a little to be a lot more small group and family focused which is really neat. I'm going to be leading the middle school girls small group and continue helping out with the high schoolers too for right now and am really enjoying it.
I made lots of cupcakes for the youth BBQ - for them to help decorate.
  • We also had our Red Cross Volunteer luncheon and a church pot luck all last week - so I was busy making dishes to bring and share. It's crazy how it all ends up being on the same week....
  • Last Friday was a blood drive - Andy donated blood for the first time! And I helped out and donated (but it wasn't my first time).
  • Last week was a heat wave in Germany with hot temps up in the 90s (Farenheit - I'm still not used to using Celcius) and this week it has gotten cool again. Back to pulling on a light jacket to walk the dog. 
  • This week we had our fall PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) kickoff. It's a Tuesday morning women's fellowship/Bible study which I have been looking forward to - they had some casual get togethers this summer and I have gotten to know most of the women from there and Chapel. They asked me to co-lead the Bible study portion and I've been having fun getting that ready with my co-leader. It's kind of crazy that I'm so new and already being asked to lead things but I'm already one of the "older" new people here since this base is changing so rapidly. And I do have a tendency to jump into things pretty quickly too....
  • We are definitely feeling more settled here and its nice to have some good community around us with the people we are getting to know. 
  • Our anniversary is tomorrow! Yay for a long weekend anniversary and fun plans.
  • And completely random....I am loving our new printer! We had a printer that worked pretty well and was supposed to be wireless, but we (ahem, Andy....) never got it working on the network. So we just had to go plug in the laptop every time we needed to print. Then when we moved here....I really wanted to try and get the wireless working....but the wireless antenna or something had been broken in the move. So we just recently got a new printer (since it was on sale) that is wireless and I got to work correctly. Love being able to hit print from my laptop and hearing it magically print! It's the little things that make me happy....
And the German donut stand that came around yesterday made Andy happy....
although they make you pay .50 euro for the box to put the donuts in, then the donuts cost a separate price.
Which I think is just funny.

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

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  1. We are in the "waiting stage" of a domestic infant adoption. I felt such relief when we got our home study approval. Good luck!