Friday, August 17, 2012

france and germany instagrams...

I never got around to posting instagram photos last you get a few weeks worth here....a bunch from our day trip to Paris and just a few random ones from our everyday here in Germany. We did just get our international driver's licenses (finally! just took us awhile to get around to driving to another town to get them) so we can now drive legally out of the country! Excited about planning some upcoming trips...

  1. Breakfast at a road/truck stop on the way to Paris. I was half awake. But the croissant was delicious!
  2. More nutella everywhere in Paris! This was at an ice cream and crepe stand that I sadly passed up...really need to go back for a nutella crepe.
  3. Getting some ice cream at the end of the long day in Paris.

  1. Andy with a Mercedes Benz at Champs-Elysees
  2. The lock bridge
  3. The Louvre

  1. One day last week we were having issues with our internet and I was working on a project that I was trying to get done. So I went to the java cafe and enjoyed an iced chai while working.
  2. Been getting together with my Bible study co-leader to work on planning for the fall. It was so nice one day that we sat out in her back yard for a while.
  3. Oh - one more of Paris!

  1. Delicious dinner we had in downtown Baumholder last weekend. 
  2. Driving around nearby - fun to see a castle sticking out above the houses.
  3. And another one of husband and dog sleeping. They nap there a lot.
And that is it for this week! Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Aww! Now I'm homesick for Germany! I lived there when I was in high school (am an MK) and have been to Paris several times over the years. Wonderful pictures. Glad you get to experience all that. Thanks for posting. Have a great week! xo