Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have been busy with volunteer things this week and just now remembered to blog about our drive down to Trier, Germany this past Saturday. We had wanted to go for a while and since it was a nice day, we decided to go ahead - then of course as soon as we set out, it started to rain a little. It cleared up for most of the time though.
Trier is the only about an hour away from us and it is the oldest city in Germany - dating back to 16 BC. It has tons of history and we only saw a little bit of the city on Saturday. We're looking forward to going back sometime soon to see more. 

The Roman City gate - Porta Nigra

 We had fun wandering around in the city and we stopped at the Euro shop (like the American $ store - everything was one Euro). Got a few fun little things and Andy had me buy a Euro bottle of wine.

Trier is a really beautiful historical city - we had a good time!


  1. such a beautiful place! how was that euro wine? lol

  2. I have to add this to my list of places to see!