Friday, July 27, 2012

random photo friday...

So this week has been a bit busy with some Red Cross things and cleaning and working on a few projects....but here are a few instagram photos from the week!
  1. We took a little road trip to Trier, Germany - this is actually on the way home because I got a delicious smoothie as we were leaving town.
  2. Right by where we parked in the middle of Trier.
  3. The 1 Euro bottle of wine from the Euro store (like the US Dollar store - everything in there was just one euro). Haven't cracked it open yet. It's a little smaller than most wine bottles but not like individual ones or anything. Still a decent size. Anyways should be interesting...but actually cheap wine in Europe is really good. 

  1. My fun thrift store shoes and outfit I wore to chapel. It's a pretty casual service usually so I wear jeans sometimes.
  2. Husband talked me into buying ice cream. I'm actually not a huge fan of ice cream. But if I eat it, it needs to be summer time and chocolate. So this sounded pretty good. And the small size has been plenty for me for the week.
  3. Andy has been missing his grill. And since we don't have a patio or any outside space really, he has been looking at indoor grills. I wasn't crazy about the idea, but when I saw a 220 voltage used one really cheap on our Baumholder facebook  virtual yard sale page - I was nice and went and bought it for him. It worked good and we had some good grilled chicken!

This week we took our newish (2010) car - the Ford Focus we had brought over from the States in to the German Ford dealer because the check engine light had been going on and off and the transmission was sounded rough. We found out that the computer had broken and told the transmission the wrong times to shift and basically killed the transmission. Not good. It was going to be a very expensive repair.   Thankfully we found out that it was still under warranty and everything is covered - even down to a rental car for the 2 or more weeks that it will take to get it fixed! We were so happy and glad that everything worked out with the warranty even though we were in Germany.

So this is the rental car I'm driving - a really fancy Ford German minivan called a C-Max. It is a manual  transmission and tells you when to shift and everything. It's a nice ride....but a little challenging because everything is in German. Today I had a warning coming on (yelling at me in German on my dashboard) and I couldn't figure out what it was. I was just going a short distance on base so once I got there, I pulled out my phone and google translated real quick and found out that kofferraum offen meant "car boot open" - I slammed the trunk shut and thankfully it stopped yelling German at me! A picture would have been better - but no door pictures came up. Just German words and annoying warning beeping so I was afraid it was something much worse. Need to learn some more German apparently. 

Happy Friday!
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  1. Life in Germany looks COOL! And the One Euro store sounds like it would be fun. :)

  2. Hilarious...never had a car yell at me in German! Glad that the repairs were covered....

  3. LOL At least it was just yelling and not flashing lights and doing a jerk jump on the highway like mine decided to the other day. I am so glad they can fix it and under warranty!!