Friday, July 13, 2012

rainy cold July....

Sitting around drinking hot tea and wearing a sweatshirt this morning. In the middle of July. Just seems wrong. They say this has been a cold-ish summer even for Germany. But anyways.....

Still Busy. Busy with fun things like still unpacking and doing laundry (with our fun German washer and dryer and deciding to dry it out on drying racks since we are noticing the dryer is not treating our clothes well...and since we have no outside space, we have to dry everything, fun). Busy with Red Cross volunteering -  the volunteer chairman is leaving and I am somehow taking a lot of her I wound up leading a volunteer orientation this week. I also got out the sewing machines and had a volunteer who is leaving show me how she sewed pillows for the wounded warrior project they do here. I tried to use the new (to me) German sewing machine I recently got a yard sale but it is going to take some more playing around I ended up using mine from the states on a transformer. Hope sewing with it on a transformer while I'm here in Germany doesn't hurt it much. And we've been working on more adoption paperwork - another 40some page application before we can do the home study. 

And we are busy getting involved with the youth ministry here on base and getting to know the couple who recently got here from the states to be missionaries to the military youth. We had them over for dinner this past weekend and then I went and helped out at the youth groups on Tuesday evening. Andy will help out when he can, but his will be a little more sporadic due to his work schedule - and on Tuesdays for a while he actually has a work conference call. It was fun - good to be working with middle and high schoolers again! And the couple who are leading it are about to have a baby so while they are doing a great job doing as much as they can even though they are brand new and in the middle of all that, I am glad I can be around for when they need to take off for a few weeks to have their baby. 

Here are a few phone pics of our dining room/living room mostly set up and decorated (didn't feel like getting out the big camera). It's one big room and works out pretty well. We all love having our own furniture - so much more comfortable than what we had from the military for the first few weeks we were here! The rug I bought from someone who is leaving Germany and it works pretty well with our furniture/colors - just needed something to go over the hard tiled/cement floors. Still need to find carpets for the bedrooms before it gets cold. Started hanging artwork in these rooms - still might change it/add more, but its a start. In the corner (photo on the right) is a painting by my grandmother that I really like and to the left of that is a photo that I recently got printed:

Looks great on the wall!

And that's a few photos of our place and our week. Happy Friday!

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  1. Your home looks cozy :)I've never seen an indoor drying rack with so much space - I want one!

  2. Your place looks so homey now! Very fun you are able to get involved on base, with ministry and experience new German sewing machines (better you than me...!)

  3. wow your home is gorgeous! i'm with jessica - it looks so cozy!!