Friday, July 20, 2012

photos from the week....

here's a bunch of random instagram photos from this week....
1) One of my favorite photos of the week. Andy and his dog taking one of their Saturday morning naps.
2) Got some fun instagram magnets from StickyGram in the mail this week.
3) Love getting fresh bread in Germany! And noticed that our eggs are fresh Danish eggs -  can't tell much difference but kinda random and photo-worthy.

1) When Andy woke up from his nap last Saturday, we headed out for day. It was a little stormy, but still a pretty drive with beautiful German countryside.
2) We went up to Mannheim and stopped for lunch - at Ikea! Love that place!
3) And minus the German words, it's almost exactly the same as the Ikea in the States. We got a few smaller things and didn't end up finding a bookshelf we liked enough to buy. 

1) Date night at Macaroni Grill with fun drinks!
2) Spent one day this week working had at finally unburying/unpacking the guest room. Which had been piled high with boxes for quite a few weeks now. We have a bed ready for anyone who wants to come visit us in Germany now! Just let us know when you can come - we'd love to have visitors.
3) Ok the room is almost unpacked - just these few boxes of books that are waiting for a new bookshelf since we had a few cheap ones that got banged up in the move. This room is also going to be the nursery once we adopt. The crib will probably go right about where those boxes are. And still need to do some decorating and get carpet for this room too. 
1) Today Andy had a class for work in another town and I decided to drop him off and go exploring some shops I had been wanting to check out. This is in downtown Kaiserslautern.
2) I was excited about this German thrift store - Flohmarktarikel - I had heard about.
3) But sadly, it was closed. This sign says that it will be closed the 16-28th and open again on the 30th (thanks to Google translate - and btw it is so hard to get used to writing dates this way - day/month/year). I did get to check out an  antique store, an art supply store, a thrift store on base, and a home goods store. I'll have to go back to check out this thrift store some other time though - it looks huge from the outside and could be filled with fun stuff!

Happy Friday!
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