Friday, June 15, 2012

not many photos friday...

I didn't take many instagram photos this week.....but here are a few......

We went and checked out our bowling alley here on base last Saturday evening. We had dinner there (it has decent food) and tried a game of bowling. It's been a loooong time since either of us bowled and we both did pretty badly. I won, but not by much and not by a score I'd want to share. Maybe we'll get in a little more practice while we are here as it's kind of a nice thing to go and do every now and then. (oh and the guy in the background was fixing something, not just randomly walking in the bowling lane)

I got around to opening the bottle of wine I bought a few weeks ago from the festival we had here - it's from Italy and is amazing! I should have bought a few bottles. I might just have to go to Italy to buy some more if I can't find it anywhere around here. 

A lot of people are PCSing (moving) out of this base right now - it's kind of weird that we are just getting here. I meet people and they are all leaving soon. There are a few other new people I've met and more will be coming eventually. But moving trucks are all over the place here - and we thought this was really funny when we saw it. This is how the German companies are moving things in and out of all the upper floor apartment buildings - these moving motorized ladder things. I should have waited to take a picture when there was a sofa coming down or something, but they had just put it up and I knew it might be a little while.

And speaking of moving trucks - we found out that a moving truck will be stopping at our place next week! Our furniture and everything else has finally made it Germany! Actually it's pretty early, only about 6 weeks since we moved which is really nice. Some people say theirs took 3 months to get here. We are really happy and will be glad to be able to sleep on our own bed and have some more clothes. I thought I packed a decent amount of clothes for various types of weather, but I've felt like I've been wearing the same 3 things over and over again. And you always feel like you are missing something. It's kind of been like an extended camping trip. We definitely have had everything we needed....just.... yeah....will be very happy to have the rest of our things! We also got our car from the US this week - I have been busy getting it registered and inspected and all. Andy was really happy to see it and it made it over here safely.
Happy Friday!
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  1. Wow, interesting way to hoist stuff up to different levels! I love wine recommendations!

  2. i totally just stalked your blog and love that you are adopting. what a special time in your lives. my best friend is in germany right now and absolutely loves it there. can't wait to read more adventures!