Friday, June 01, 2012

instagram friday....a tour....

So I thought I'd give you a little bit of a tour around a few places on our new base in Germany today for instagram Friday..... I'll try to tour some more interesting places off base for you in the next few weeks!

  1. Our front door and fun welcome mat I found a German store that is a lot of fun called Poco Domain.
  2. A little down the road from us where we sometimes walk our dog. I was trying to show how closely the base and the German town are tied together the building on the left in this photo is a base building and everything just past the fence on the left and in the front are German houses and part of the German town. When we walk the dog there are kids playing and counting in German in their backyards. It's really fun.
  3. Our base is great for families - we have quite a few nice playgrounds very close to where we live and we are walking distance to the schools. 

  1. Gotta love the mail room....but we do love that we get mail from the US easily and with regular US postage (it just takes a little longer). I am glad that I got used to using combination locks at the bank because I used to be really bad at them....I guess thats since I didn't ever have a locker growing up since I was homeschooled.
  2. & 3.  I do love that our Java Cafe is right by the mail room! Good excuse to grab a cup of fancy coffee every now and then.

  1. Our PX is like a general store type place - little bit of everything, drug store, clothes, dishes, books, etc. Not food though - that's a separate store. There is a Subway next door. We also have a Burger King, Taco Bell Express, Popeye's, and Anthony's Pizza on base.  
  2. There are also a few random German things in the PX like this cuckoo clock display.
  3. I drove by and checked out what movies were playing at the movie theater this weekend - they only show movies on the weekend and as you can see it's pretty limited selection. But the good news is that we hear its cheaper than in the states so we are hoping there will be something we want to see there soon so we can check it out. There is a larger movie theater on a neighboring base (about 30 min away) that we could go to that has about 4-5 movies playing at any given time.

And then I was excited to see that the thrift store on base was finally open! It's only open once a month and I thought it was supposed to just be open tomorrow, but they said they had so much stock right now that they opened Friday and Saturday and had a 50% off sale. So I found a popcorn maker, a few clothes, a basket, some electrical cords we needed that she just gave me for free, and a cart thing that Andy had wanted to buy before we came over here. 

Happy Friday!
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  1. Very fun! Glad to see thrift stores alive and well in Germany...I would not know what to do without them!

  2. What kind of prices are on the cuckoo clocks?