Monday, June 04, 2012


So this weekend we were trying to make it to a tour with the USO on learning the German train system and then taking the train to tour a fun city with them. We had kind of decided to go last minute when I heard there were still openings for it on Friday afternoon and I remembered Andy wanting to check that one out. So we went and signed up for it on Friday night and were supposed to be at the train station the next morning at 8am.

Only we couldn't find the train station. It was near the other base (the one 30 min. away) and we had gotten directions and a map from the USO, we had a GPS....but still couldn't find it. We think we got close but were half an hour late at that point, so we ended up not making it. It was very disappointing. I am bad with directions, but apparently even worse when they are in a different language! It's even disorienting Andy and he is usually very good with directions so this is going to take us a while. Anyways....after we got over being disappointed about missing our train (and not finding the train station entirely), we wandered around the town we were in and found a big pet store I had heard about, a home goods store, and another international fair that was much bigger than the one on our base.

We saw a lot of fun things, but we only ended up finding one thing that we decided to get - this really beautiful beer stein! The little old German man who sold it to me made most of them, but some of them he had gotten from other artisans. This was one he hadn't made but said it was high quality and very old - but "after the second World War". It is pottery and pewter and he was trying to describe to me the process of how they put the lid on and re-fire it. It was really interesting. Anyways.....I have seen a lot of the typical German beer steins that we will probably end up getting one or two of too - but I don't like them nearly as much. This is gorgeous! And much prettier. It is perfect for me as it keeps my beer cold a long time since I drink it really slowly.....

We didn't get anymore stroopwafels since we still have some! We are enjoying them with our morning tea and coffee. Andy loves them. Stroopwafels are something I had previously when my family had a student come stay with our family for a little bit who was from Denmark who brought us some as a gift.   They are two thin waffle wafers with carmel in between - if you warm them up on top of your drink like this the caramel gets soft and gooey. 

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  1. Love the Stein! And the Stroopwafels look yummy!