Friday, June 29, 2012

busy week....

We have been busy this week! I am finally feeling better - got some medicine to knock out the ear infections and asthma after a second doctor appointment on Wednesday. I was probably doing too much while I was sick....might be why it took a little longer to get better. 

Last Friday they came to get all of our military loaner furniture.
We didn't have much left in our living room....just this rug we recently bought.
We had to sit on the counters and outside for a few hours until our furniture was delivered.
We were so happy to get our things from the US - it took about 2 months to be shipped to us here in Germany.
Here is the truck that brought our furniture.
The movers weren't great, and I was not feeling well so I probably couldn't think to well to tell them what to do. Thankfully Andy was able to be off work to help out....especially because we had to deal with our dog, Maggie, barking at all the movers all day.

We got our living room and kitchen set up pretty quickly. I need to get photos/paintings up on the walls and get Andy's toolbox out of the living room - I'll show more photos in a week or two when it's all set up. Andy is happy to have his TV and couch. We even figured out a way to get Hulu Plus here in Germany - we still can't access it on the computers because we are out of the US, but we found out that we can get it when we run it through our Wii. It's nice and we can get a lot of the shows we were missing that the Army network doesn't show that way. Been busy unpacking boxes the rest of the week and the it took me a little while to find our silverware and knives. We had unpacked all the kitchen boxes and they were no where to be found. A few days later I was working on some boxes in the guest room and found a big plastic tub that I was going to take down to our storage in the basement - inside the tub was the missing kitchen box with our silverware. I am still working on our bedroom, unpacking, ironing lots of clothes and making it look decent. Our bed feels amazing though - we have missed it!

I am still working on this crazy mess of boxes that we have shoved in the guest bedroom.

In addition to unpacking and getting better, I have been busy this week volunteering with the American Red Cross. And Andy is not at all volunteering me - his boss is keeping him out of the loop whenever they ask me to volunteer. They actually want me to volunteer a little more than I was counting on, but they really do need it right now and I'm not too busy yet with other things, so I'll probably help out a few days a week on an interim basis. And I will probably try and do a lot from home so I don't bug Andy too much by being at his office all the time. This week we had the monthly Red Cross volunteer pot luck and Andy made BBQ for everyone. I made cupcakes for the service project this month - we delivered cupcakes to soldiers here on base, thanking them for their service.
And I just got finished creating a newsletter for the station.
Now for a hopefully relaxing weekend for both of us!

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

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  1. Wow... volunteering, unpacking, baking cupcakes, AND writing a newsletter? Go, you!