Tuesday, June 05, 2012

about the job....

Some of you have been asking how Andy is liking his "new" job. I put the "new" in quotes because it's not really a new job - just a permanent change of station - supposedly doing the exact same job. But it does seem pretty different here! He is enjoying the change of scenery and the new things he is able to do at this new station. Here is a photo I snapped of him at his new office while he was hard at work. 

The station at Baumholder, Germany American Red Cross provides Services to the Armed Forces and Andy's job is still primarily working with the families and soldiers to facilitate emergency messages and coordinate volunteers on base. However, this base is MUCH smaller than Fort Bragg (where he was previously stationed) and only has a health clinic, not a hospital - so there are less medical related volunteers. This station does do health and safety classes which Andy hasn't previously had as much experience with, as this is usually something that is handled at the chapters, not on base in the US. So that will be a good learning experience for him - I'm also actually thinking about possibly becoming CPR instructor certified and teaching that and the Babysitter's class - because that just sounds like fun! We'll see. I will be volunteering some with the Red Cross of course and have already done a little photography for the station. I am helping out with PR and am working on getting a lot of outdating material taken down and getting some new things out and about. Andy is doing a great job working on the Facebook page and getting it current and relevant. Check it out here. He is enjoying feeling like he is able to keep up with everything required at this office and not feeling like he has to work such long hours everyday to get everything needed done (and he can't work too late - his office is in a gated area that shuts down in the evening so he really couldn't stay super late or go back for anything). I like that part a lot too! In the mornings, Andy is able to get up, actually have breakfast, and take our dog, Maggie, for a walk.....and then I roll out of bed and drive him to work - haha. 

Andy is also getting along well with his new boss and enjoying getting to know the new volunteers. It seems like a fun group of people and good since we all work and live in a small community. He is feeling really good about everything and confident that this is going to be a great place for him to grow and serve the Baumholder community.

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  1. Glad to hear Andy is enjoying his new job!