Friday, March 09, 2012

phone pics from the last few weeks....

I haven't done instagram Friday for a few weeks - so here are the random photos that have been living in my phone....

  1. Andy's mom and our dog - who loves her! This was when Andy's mom came up to visit us for a few days.
  2. My mom, sister, and I with some tropical drinks at Bahama Breeze.
  3. My mom taking a phone photo of our fancy tea.
  4. Tea time - loved the cute tiny creamer pitcher! 
 These are the strange ones....
  1. Went to one of favorite places to eat in Baltimore - Paper Moon Diner. Good food and fun crazy decor.
  2. A funny looking baby doll that my niece tucked into the guest bed I was sleeping in at my parents.
  3. Inside the diner - strange display of heads.
  1. Baby and our dog - enjoying the sunshine and looking out the door
  2. Went to the doctor and got some new migraine meds and some bloodwork - she couldn't find my deep veins and had to stick me twice. Hoping that these new meds help....getting really tired of waking up with bad migraines all the time...
  3. Love these titles at Moe's - Southern and Nothern Tea
Happy Friday!
life rearranged


  1. I love your fancy tea - especially that floral teapot! Gorgeous!

  2. I have never noticed the titles on the tea at Moes before! Love them! I'm a southern girl, so you know which one I get ;)