Tuesday, March 20, 2012

first day of spring....

did you know today was the first day of spring? I did thanks to Facebook and the announcement that today is free Rita's (so sad we don't have one here!).

Anyone near a Rita's be sure to enjoy one for me!

So I decided to celebrate the first day of spring by doing what I've been telling myself I need to get working on for the last week or so anyway - some spring cleaning. Starting with our clothes and specifically the closet with the scary pile of jeans on the top shelf. But surprisingly more of them fit than I thought and I found some good surprises so I am set on jeans for a while. I even have some good ones to turn into capris for the summer so it wasn't too bad. I narrowed down and organized out most of our clothes in general. We are donating quite a bit, but I am actually thinking about doing a yard sale this spring since it is the first time I have had a yard in forever and maybe the last time in a while since we may move again soon and who knows where we will end up yard wise.  I figure I may as well take advantage of this opportunity while I am less busy in general, actually have the space to do it, and hopefully clear out some of our clutter! We'll see - I haven't quite decided on it yet. I have heard that they are a lot of work.

a spring flower from our front yard
Happy First Day of Spring!

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