Monday, March 05, 2012

busy with family and friends...

hmm....been longer than I intended between posts. Oh well - been busy having fun with family and friends. Finally home and back to semi-normal for a little while.

Two Wednesdays ago, Andy's mother came to visit us in NC for a few days. It was great to see her - we didn't do a whole lot but had a nice relaxing time visiting. Our dog, Maggie, loves Andy's mom and was so excited to see her that she ran out of the house and jumped straight into her lap before she could get out of the car. On Friday, I drove with Andy's mom up to Greensboro to go wedding dress shopping with Andy's sister! Andy came up after he got off work to visit with his dad. We ended up going shopping again on Saturday and I was happy to help Emily find some good possibilities for her dress. So excited for her! On Sunday we visited with Andy's dad, stepmom, and some more of Andy's family in Greensboro that we hadn't seen in a while. It was nice to see everyone and we had a good weekend. 

I came home and re-packed my bags for my next trip. I did my baby-sitting thing on Monday and Tues. mornings and then got in the car to head up to Baltimore. Andy is saving up some of his time off for later in the year, so it was just me this time. I went up to visit more with some of the friends that I hadn't gotten to see very much on the last visit since we were mostly doing family celebrations then. I stayed at my parents house and was glad to see that my dad was doing better after a recent injury. I got to spend a day with my friend, Becki and her son and spent another day with my friend, Emily Joy, and her three kiddos.
Emily Joy and baby Autumn

I got to visit with a few more friends had girls night with a group of my closest friends on Saturday. I spent some time with my mom on Friday - we went to a fun tea room with a Living Social coupon that she had. We went to meet up with my other two sisters later that evening and I got to hang out with my niece later on too. Somewhere in there we found a little time to take some senior photos of my little brother! He is a junior now, but wanted to get the photos done for some of his applications and beginning of year stuff next year. Can't believe that he is almost a senior and already applying to colleges. 

My not so little brother who wants to be a Marine

I made it home last night and was happy to see Andy. I was also happy that Andy did such a great job of keeping the house clean while I was gone...but he  unfortunately let Maggie sleep on our bed...not good! Have to re-train her to stay out of our bedroom again.

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