Thursday, March 29, 2012

abi & andy + one....

This blog has been quiet for a long time....because we have a lot of things going on. One of the big things is that we have begun the process of adoption! We are plowing our way through the tons of paperwork that make up our "pregnancy" literally takes months to get through some of it. We have told most of you about our plans to hopefully adopt a baby and we are both so excited about it. While we are still working on getting through some of the paperwork and things that aren't as much fun, I decided to have a photographer friend take an "adoption photo session" for us. We sort of needed it for our profile book that we have to put together with photos and things about us to give to agencies and birthmothers and all - and while the photos don't all have to be amazing or anything - well, I am a photographer and designer and I want our book to look good! haha! And I thought it would be fun. So here are a few that are mostly just for us - there were quite a few more that were what we will use for the profile that you may see on here or on fb soon. 
 We will be sharing more adoption information on the blog - about ours and all the research we have been doing for anyone interested. I will probably create a tab up top for adoption related stuff at some point.
We would most of all love your prayers and support as we continue this journey!

{photography by Terra Martinez Photography - a local photographer friend that whose work and style that I love - Thank you so much Terra!}

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  1. Love the blog and I love your story! I was so honored that you chose me to do the photos for you. I wish you so much luck in your journey!