Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what I'm loving Wednesday...

  • Hmm....haven't posted yet this week. Andy was off on Monday for President's Day and we hung out, took Maggie to the dog park, and did a little yard work.  Not too exciting but it was nice to have him off and able to relax.
  • Love having a clean house - feels good to have had time to get things done! And love this shower just spray it on, wait a few minutes and then you don't even really have to scrub it off - just rinse. So easy and stays clean longer.
  • Love this song - great modern version of the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness"
  • Love my new shoes. I haven't gotten a new pair of tennis shoes since before I got I finally figured it was time for new ones after 3 1/2 years. Especially since I've been working out and walking more lately. So I went to the store to check out some new shoes. I found a few Brooks like I had before that seemed like they would be good.....but then I saw a few of the barefoot type shoes and saw these by Merrell that were the vibram material without the funny looking toe things. I tried them on and they were so light and amazingly comfortable. Loved them so much that I ended up getting them. It is a totally different feeling than a big supportive cushioned sole. They recommend that you only wear them for a little bit at a time to get used to the feeling and build up different muscles by walking in a more barefoot manner. But I really haven't needed that much building up since I walk around mostly barefoot or in ballet flats anyway. 

Love my new shoes!

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