Wednesday, February 08, 2012

what I'm loving Wednesday....

  • How does Kleenex make their Cool touch tissues? Amazing when you are sick. Feel pretty good on your nose any other time too.
  • Still loving and using Everyday Mineral makeup. But just their face/foundation actually. Perfect base color match to my skin tone and like the finishing powder on top of everything. This is the longest that I have ever used the same foundation I think. I used to switch up foundations often because I wouldn't like the color after I saw it in different lights or how cake-y I looked. I like some of their other things they have sent me as samples, but just never ends up being a go-to makeup product for me. 
  • Loving the facial that I got today using my spa gift certificate that Andy got me for Christmas! My face had been really breaking out lately (not due to the above make-up since it's really natural - no clue really why, but I've been trying to find good products to help), so deep cleansing felt really good and hopefully will help!
  • This winter has been awesome! Love the NC warm weather we've had and wearing short sleeves, jeans, and flip flops so often in Dec., Jan., and Feb.
  • Working out with's actually getting a little fun since we talk a lot. And getting to know some ladies here better. Had fun showing one of these friends how to make the word sign that she wanted for her house. I made one too and really like how it turned out:
  • and I'm loving my cutting machine that I used, since I hate and am horrible at cutting.

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