Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In honor of Valentine's day....
we are finally throwing the infamous candy heart bra away,
since it is loosing a lot of hearts and it has seen better days.

Seven years ago, one of my closest friends and I made this lovely creation. We used an old bra and a bag of candy hearts that we had leftover from Emily's wedding. Grabbed a hot glue gun and went a little crazy. Then we left it at another friend's house for her to find. It somehow ended up at someone else's house and then started getting wrapped and randomly given at birthday parties within our little circle of friends. We would keep it for months at a time, but no one ever forgot about it - it would always get pulled out of whatever closet we buried it in and re-gifted 5 or 6 times a year. Kind of like the sisterhood of the traveling pants - except we never wore it or looked good in it - and I don't think it was lucky - just funny. 

Miss you girls!

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  1. Too funny! And Happy Valentine's Day!

    I feel like such an awful person because with classes and work I was only able to get to the post office yesterday to rush/send your gift for the Valentine's Swap... Praying that it gets to you today! I got yours in the mail yesterday and I absolutely LOVE the camera strap! It's gorgeous! Thank you so much and I hope your day is full of blessings and surprises, and maybe some candy hearts not attached to a bra :)