Friday, February 24, 2012

instagram friday...

A few iPhone pics from the week....

  1. We had some great warm weather this week! I was enjoying a Sonic drink outside on the porch.
  2. Love these fun new flats I got for $9 last week. Went great with quite a few things I have and I was taking a pic after getting dressed up (out of yoga pants!) to go out to dinner with husband on Friday.
  3. Over the long weekend, Andy talked me into going to Wet Willie's - which is a fun place downtown that has a huge wall of frozen daiquris in tons of different flavors. He had been wanting to try it for a while and liked it - but of course he didn't even finish one drink - he really doesn't drink hardly at all. 
  4. We got to try a few flavors - I ended up getting a small sour apple one. Andy got a mudslide.

  1. I was tired and turned the iPhone around the wrong way....didn't get whatever I was trying to take a photo of - but I liked this anyway. Cool frame within a frame thing.
  2. My new centerpiece - a small plant that I had in a teapot that I had = free and fun! I got the idea from Target - one of their cute new spring decor items was a teapot with some fake flowers planted in it. I really liked it and I like my version.
  3. Maggie keeping my feet warm.
  4. Maggie helping me watch the baby.
Happy Friday!
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