Friday, January 06, 2012

lots of iPhone photos....

In the past 2 weeks, I found that I snapped a lot of pics with my phone. My iPhone is really handy sometimes - it's just quick and pretty much always on me. Not great quality, but fun.
Get the dog pics out of the way first (these are mostly for my husband is always telling me to take pics of the dog with my phone instead of using his!)
  1. Maggie brought all her toys to the door one day while she was waiting for Andy to get home - it was pretty funny. She has been more into her toys lately.
  2. So we got her a new pull toy thing for our Christmas at the beach
  3. We had to wait nearly 2 hours at the vet the other day - we were just getting some shots! It was nuts and we were bored.
  4. Maggie got to visit her friend  Buttercup - my sister's dog - when we went up to Baltimore for New Year's. They get a long great.

  1. Christmas eve - 4am - helping husband and the Red Cross as we watched the plane come in with the last group of soldiers who got to come home to their families for Christmas.
  2. We left on Christmas eve morning (after we finished up helping with the Red Cross and the flight) and went to the beach. We napped and then got up and did a little grocery shopping at this neat local IGA shop with a lighthouse that you could climb. This is a pic from the lighthouse of us.
  3. Andy was amazed that I had never tried Jiffy Pop popcorn since I love popcorn (I usually do air popped or sometimes microwave popcorn) so he made some for me on Christmas eve.
  4. Our Christmas dinner - Chinese Buffet!

  1.  All the presents and things to take up to Baltimore. Our trunk was full!
  2. I made a football onsie like I had seen on Pinterest for my brother and his wife who are expecting a boy in May.
  3. In Baltimore my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and I went to an amazing restaurant called Miss Shirley's (which has been on the Food Network) for lunch. This is a pic of the monkey bread....with chocolate chips, pecans, and good! We shared it as an appetizer and it was gone in about 5 minutes.
  4. I think I've mentioned it before, but I love our Panera having a drive-thru! I had a bad sore throat on Tuesday and started feeling like I had a cold on the drive home from Baltimore. I have been pretty sick ever since with a sore throat and ear ache. Went to the doctor yesterday and got an antibiotic and he just went ahead and started me on Prednisone so my asthma wouldn't flare up like it usually does when I get sick. Doing a little better today and should be lots better by tomorrow since I usually do well on Prednisone. On the way home from the doctor, I dropped off my prescriptions and grabbed some soup to eat while waiting. 

me & my neice

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

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