Friday, January 20, 2012

instagram friday...

Well this week was a lot better...I am finally not sick! And back to working out with my personal trainer yesterday. Not so much fun since I am out of shape and now horribly weak, but good to get to back to it. Here are a bunch of iPhone photos from the week....

  1. Heading out on our road trip Friday morning
  2. Charleston bridge
  3. At Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 
  4. Delicious stuffed shrimp

  1. Us at a pub in Charleson
  2. Crossing the bridge into Savannah
  3. Fun bed and breakfast we stayed at in Savannah
  4. Loved the room - pretty and really comfortable

  1. Us at Tybee Island
  2. Fried pickles. Only in the south.
  3. Made this Garlic Chicken recipe - it turned out really good! And of course lots of chicken leftover to freeze and use later.
  4. Drinking tea and editing a few photos

  1. This may not look like it....but I organized the freezer. And was so proud of that fact that I took a photo. I usually throw stuff in and shut the door fast - it was a disaster. Now at least it stays in place better and I can see what we have (tons of veggies and cheese). 
  2. I was inspired by Charleston and made Pioneer Woman grits and pork chops - so amazingly good! This photo is of the grits being cooked. And I liked these grits - I think I just don't like the instant ones. 

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

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  1. Fried pickles!? Seriously!? I am in New Zealand and I don't think I have ever heard of those! I do want some now though. :D

    Also, I love the RUN FORREST RUN sign! :)