Friday, January 13, 2012


Even though my week was very uneventful, as I have been pretty sick and didn't do much of anything....

here are a few iPhone pics if you're interested:
Seriously this was my week - or rather my last 2 weeks. I had a cold last week that turned into an ear infection, that turned into bad asthma attacks. I went to the doctor twice and lots of meds (and breathing treatments - that's what the cryptic photo on the right is) later....also found out I have bronchitis this week. Fun stuff. It's been taking forever to get better and feel human. 

  • On Wednesday, I was starting to feel a little better and dragged myself up to make some Tomato Bisque soup (instead of calling husband to swing by Panera and pick up some for I may or may not have done twice the week before....). The soup was delicious - sorta like Le Madeline's - only I didn't have fresh basil. 
  • I made Andy some brownies for his birthday.... didn't have the energy to make him a cake or cheesecake. He was teasing the dog with them.
  • And last night I was finally ready to get out of pjs/yoga pants and go out to dinner for Andy's birthday. We went out to a fun restaurant with a few friends and had a great time.
  • Stopped at Sonic on the way home.
Hopefully next week will be more exciting. And that I'll be feeling lots better.

Happy Friday!
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  1. love your outfit. super cute! sorry you weren't feeling well. i have asthma too and often need breathing treatments. they stink. love sonic. wish i had one around me.

  2. Sorry you have been sick. Bad time of year.

    Do you do your blog design? I am trying to amp up mine but I just use the templates. Any suggestions?

  3. Sounds like you made the best of a bad week. Hope this next week is a happier one for you!

  4. I have that same lamp! Love it :)