Thursday, December 08, 2011

warm week in December...

So this week has been a little busy and crazy. Andy's job with the American Red Cross has had a lot going on and I've been volunteering a bit. Helping serve coffee and snacks to families waiting on green ramp for their soldiers to come home. It's neat. Glad that so many are coming back to their loved ones for the holidays.

But the hours of those flights are always changing. We did one this weekend that went great, was on time and went perfectly on our end. I took a few photos but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. Then last night we went out late to one and it changed and yeah....just a random late night with a late night dinner at Wendy's since we were starving. But so thankful we live close now so that we can get there and home quickly with all the crazy hours. Hope my husband can make it through the next few weeks as he is coordinating a lot and has a lot going on with his job. We're looking forward to Christmas and relaxing a little together! But it has not seemed like Christmas time or even December since its been so warm here. But I'm not complaining - love it!

I have been busy with a lot of photography things. It's been a lot of fun. So much fun that I decided not to do the painting job - since things there were a little crazy already and it was just supposed to be a fun part-time thing to let me enjoy painting and network - not deal with lots of drama (and not much compensation yet) without even barely starting! So photography it is. And I loved shooting a fun family in our downtown area this week. 

We tried to get a few Christmas ones near the Christmas tree in the center of town.
This was at the end of the shoot though and the younger ones were getting a little tired.

This was my favorite shot of the day!
Check out a few more from this photo shoot 
that I'm trying to get going

{it was a little chilly on the day of the photoshoot so I'll link them up with You Capture's "chilly" theme}

{and the last one is my pick for show off your shot}

and then, she {snapped}


  1. What a fun colorful background in the last photo, I can see why it is your favorite.

  2. Hope things settle down (and cool off) for you soon so you can really enjoy the holidays. And I can't believe you got seven people to look at the camera and smile. Wow!! =>

  3. What great family shots and those sweaters definitely suggest 'chilly'.

  4. Great family shots - it's so difficuilt to get them all smiling a the same time, well done!