Thursday, December 01, 2011

some favorite people photos...

So the last few days have unexpectedly been kinda long...on Tuesday I had to go help husband because the car died (he had taken my old SUV to work instead of his new car that day). Turned out to be nothing but some bad gas or something - so thankful that it wasn't anything major! That SUV has over 150k miles on it and keeps ticking. Then yesterday I had Bible study, and went out with a few of the girls afterwards for lunch. When I was done lunch and running a few errands, Andy called and needed me to come in and help him at the Red Cross since he was short on volunteers and had an orientation to do. I thought I was just going in for an hour or two to help with sign-ins.....5 hours later we left to come home and finally eat dinner after 8pm. Crazy day. But glad I can be flexible and close to his job to go help out with things like cars and sign-ins and apparently a few more Red Cross events next week.

Anyways....I am still editing Thanksgiving family pics.... But I realized that I never got to share a few of my other family photos that I have taken recently on the blog. 

This is Andy's step-brother and his adorable family.

I went up to Greensboro to take pro photos of our new niece.
She was so sweet.
And a great first newborn model for me.

Up in Baltimore I had the chance to take family photos for my sister and her family. 

I loved this shot!
Both of my nieces so cute. 
Wish I lived closer to them.
But so glad I got to visit and take their photos recently!


{and the last one is my pick for show off your shot}

and then, she {snapped}


  1. I really love that last shot! So cute! Really cute focus and I love the vibrant colors!

  2. Love that squishy baby newborn shot! And that last one is a gem! Very nice.

  3. beautiful pictures!

  4. Great pics. Love the last photo especially! Her expression is priceless :)

  5. i LOVE your first newborn pic! all of your shots are awesome!