Thursday, December 29, 2011

one little word 2011 - in review....

Can't believe that 2012 is almost here.

2011 was an interesting year.....full recap of the year blog style coming in a few days.

But just wanted to do a quick post about my one little word from 2011.

My word for this year has been: develop

{for more info about the one little word project, see my blog post from last year about it}

There were some things I wanted to develop....but didn't. And there were some ways/things I think I did develop. I started doing a weekly post/photo about the word back in January. Then fell off the bandwagon in Feb/Mar. I think the gal who started the weekly blogging about her word even ended up doing hers monthly after a while. Weekly was hard to keep up with! Even though I didn't blog as much about it after that, it was a nice to think about occasionally and I had the word posted around my house to remind me of it. It was much better for me than a New Year's Resolution or goal or anything. The one thing that stands out the most that I feel that I was successful in developing was my photography and getting my business started. I've still got a long way to go, but I feel like I have gained a lot of skills (next week I'll be showing off a few of my favorite photos from the year and compare them to last years and you can see how much I've improved!) and am a lot more confident. And I've even had a few paying jobs now and print orders so I feel good about where it's going. 

I'll post about my word for 2012 in a few days. I've already chosen it - in fact it's one I feel like I have been working on for a while - but I really want to focus on it more in 2012.

Anyone else picking a word for 2012? I'd love to hear what yours is if you are.

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