Thursday, December 15, 2011

a little bit of Christmas....

So I finally got around to doing a little bit of decorating. I had been debating getting out our tree and ornaments and all. Andy doesn't really care about Christmas decorations and's just seemed like a lot of work. But I didn't do any at all last year and really felt like a Scrooge, so this year I decided to do at least a little. And even though I only did a little tiny bit of decorating, I am going to go ahead and link up with the nester's tour of Christmas homes - so that you can check out some amazing creative and beautiful decorations from other bloggers out there.
So I got a little tree from Target.
And turned it into our Christmas card tree.
{card tree idea from Kelly's blog}
Right now the cards are just kind of sitting in there,
but might have to hole punch/ribbon them on when we get more.
Works for me - a little bit of Christmas 
with very little work to drag out the big tree and ornaments.
And I figure it will still be a fun little tree to have along with a big tree in other years when I am feeling lots more ambitious. 

And I just put up a few little things on the TV stand.
I love that little Christmas tree candle holder. 
(I still need to get/find tea lights for it)
I got it a few years ago for $1 at Goodwill.

Oh and I hung up our stockings.

But this was probably the real reason I wanted to put up a Christmas tree.
Christmas light bokeh!
And since there are no cute kids to pose in front of the lights, 
I had to bribe reward my dog for sitting still with treats.

Merry Christmas and Happy decorating!
{and the last one is my pick for show off your shot}

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Nice decor, and love the doggie!

  2. nice decoration!!! love last photo of your dog! so cute!

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

  3. I love all your photos but that last one is priceless!

  4. Very cute and I love your doggy! Returning the blog love from Spruce Your Nest :-)

  5. What a sweet pup! Love her bright, brown eyes. =>

  6. I love that idea of a card tree. I might have to put that into play here next year with the overflow of cards.

  7. Very cute decor, and super cute pup!!

  8. Love your card tree! I've got to figure out how to do that! I also had to bribe our pup with a treat to get a good picture of him in front of the tree! :)

  9. aww... gorgeous pic of doggie! I also love the Santa hat on the tv. Might have to steal that idea!!!


  10. Lovely decor! Love that photo of your precious pup. =) Snuggly.

  11. Love your decorations and that puppie is so cute!

  12. Certainly doesn't look like Scrooge. Very festive, and I love that last shot! You've almost got me wanting to decorate.