Friday, December 16, 2011

instagram friday...

Here's a few iphone photos for the week....

We went to a military ball for the military hospital
(Andy is not military but works there and he was invited to go)
It was fun to get dressed up and go to one, but we don't think we'll do it again for a while.

  1. Andy and Santa talking at a green ramp flight - helping out families waiting on soldiers to get home.
  2. Andy's new toys...
  3. My new curling iron is amazing! I needed a new one and saw a few bloggers reviewing this one. It is great - I thought it was really easy to use and it gets super hot so the curls really stay for a long time. This pic is after the ball - curls still going strong 6+ hours later. The next day I just burshed them out a little and just re-curled the front few sections and they still looked good. That's how my hair looked for the family photos below (the Christmas set with Andy's dad side of the family).
  4. And then a blown-out, re-colored and trimmed hair pic from yesterday. My sweet hair stylist friend did it at her home for me in exchange for some photos I'm taking of her family next week.

  1. Our little Christmas card tree
  2. My December flip was 70+ degrees here yesterday! Love it!
  3. Been trying to walk more....took a few good long walks with the dog this week.
Happy Friday!

life rearranged

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