Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at the beach....

So Santa delivered....we got a mini-vacation to the beach for Christmas!

On Friday after work, Andy came home and went to sleep. I fell asleep pretty quickly too - and ended up getting more sleep than Andy. Then, on Saturday morning, we got up at 1:30am to go and help out at one last flight - the last group of soldiers from the 82nd came home on Christmas eve. We set up quickly, served a lot of coffee...and welcomed the soldiers home. After we cleaned up and unloaded, we came home and loaded our dog and luggage into the car to get back on the road. A few hours later, we were at Myrtle beach.

We had a great weekend of catching up on sleep (after all those late hours Andy had been working for the past few weeks), relaxing, Andy did a little race car driving at the Nascar park, shopping (Andy went to the Coleman outlet and I went to the Coach outlet for a few presents to ourselves....), laughing at our crazy dog, wandering around, and just enjoying being together.

We exchanged a few gifts - he surprised me this year with a gift certificate for a massage and he ordered me a lens coffee mug (like this) that is on its way. I got him a Ravens hoodie and a new alarm clock/iPhone charger. And we got Maggie a ball/pull toy.

On the way home, we saw this neat little rainbow (it's hard to see in the photo - but it's right in the middle) that was a triangle shape. Had to stop and take a picture.

It was nice and relaxing and better than sitting at home by ourselves on Christmas. We were so thankful that Andy's dad and stepmother let us stay at their condo for the weekend.

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